WUERTH Chain Lube and Chain Cleaner Combo

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WUERTH Chain Lube
  • Transparent, high-pressure resistant, highly adhesive lubricant.
  • Prevents running noise and wear.
  • Forms a quick-drying, tough-elastic lubricating and protective film.
  • Does not attack Perbunan O-rings.
  • Resistant to water, steam, acids and bases.
  • Protects against corrosion.
  • Targeted dosing to inaccessible locations also possible.
  • Can also be applied to running machinery, since the user’s hands always remain outside the hazard zone.
Shortly after being sprayed on, the product forms a highly effective, wax-based lubricating film, thereby ensuring optimum protection against lubrication.
WUERTH Chain Cleaner
  • Excellent Cleaner for Bike chains
  • Compatible with O/X/Z rings
  • Suitable for cleaning of Motorcycle chain, pin, joint & connection.
  • Removes contaminants like dirt, grime, oil, dust and dries in minute.

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