LLUVIA Radiator Guard V2 – Dominar

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Stay protected from mysterious debris which can damage the radiator permanently. Here’s the Summer Edition!


Lifetime warranty by LLUVIA

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The V2 Radiator Guard maintains maximum air flow while offering a good degree of protection from debris and rubble on road. The V2 model is specifically designed for hot climate where ambient temperature while riding would exceed 40 decree Celsius. In that case, the radiator would need as much air flow as possible while not compromising on safety.


When you ride a lot, even in the city, small stones or rubble often come flying by and hit the fins on the radiator, thereby damaging them. When the fins bend out of its original shape, they lose their function of cooling the engine. This radiator guard shields the radiator from getting physically damaged from flying debris on the road, be it on tarmac or off-road. Also, when the fins get damaged, there is no repair for it, you’ll have to replace the entire radiator, which is an expensive affair.

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