SHIMA Combat Riding Jacket Grey

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Type: Touring Jacket / Street Jacket

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The SHIMA COMBAT is a jacket designed for city and short suburban trips. The highly efficient H3 ventilation system allows you to choose the optimum airflow inside the jacket. Stretch panels on shoulders and elbows keep you comfortable in any conditions. Key places are additionally reinforced with a second protective layer hidden on the inside. The detachable, waterproof NextDry™ membrane and the HeatPro insulation layers provide you with the ability to operate in different conditions.

ArmorPlus back protector
The jacket comes equipped with a CE Level 1 certified SHIMA ArmorPlus back protector. The protector is made from an open-cell PU material, which – under normal circumstances – works invisibly with the body. Under impact conditions, however, it instantly hardens, absorbing most of the force

Removable heating layer & waterproof membrane
The jacket features a dedicated, removable heating layer (100g isolation) and a micropore NextDry™ membrane. the intuitively-marked fasteners make removing and reapplying the whole set a breeze.

X-shell fabric
Specially designed by SHIMA, the X-SHELL fabric contains a mix of tightly-woven polyester and polyamide fibers. Thanks to this, the fabric has a semi-matte sheen, and is pleasant to the touch. An additional, external PU layer has been molded with the fibers to improve durability, featuring an additional hygroscopic overlay to prevent water.

NextDry™ waterproof membrane
A breathable, microporous construction, the NextDry™ membrane is both wind- and waterproof up to 5000mm of H2O. NextDry™ provides an effective barrier against moisture while remaining breathable.

Width adjustments
The width adjustment system ensures great protection, while at the same time remaining comfortable and stylish.

Heat free system
A specially designed airflow system ensures an optimal temperature while riding. Air vent panels are areas where it is possible to provide extra airflow without compromising safety. SHIMA Air Vents are made of a specially selected, breathable material.

Elastic panels
Specially-designed accordion-style elastic areas guarantee freedom of movement, while the extra fabric inside the panels provide additional protection.

Night vision system
Microsphere reflective panels have been placed in a way that ensures all-round visibility.

Connecting zippers
The jacket features a pair of standard connecting zippers, enabling you to connect it with your SHIMA jeans. Use the 360° zipper for maximum safety, of the short zipper to increase comfort.

Dry pocket
The jacket features a waterproof pocket placed in the liner, allowing you to safely store small objects in even the worst possible conditions.


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