SHIMA Leather Riding Jacket Hunter

INR 20,999.00

Type: Street Jacket

The HUNTER is timeless style and exceptional leather.
  • Elastic inserts on the shoulders and elbows improve comfort.
  • A full set of yellow-series ArmorPlus by SHIMA CE protectors guarantee the best possible safety parameters and optimal softness.
  • Features a dry pocket hidden in the liner
  • A glove pocket on the back,
  • A short zipper and loop to allow you to connect it to various SHIMA trousers.

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Premium A+ Quality Leather
The A+ HUNTER model is manufactured from high-grade, natural leather. Choose from mild vintage look natural brown leather or more sporty and characteristic black colour. Whatever the choice you’ll get always the best quality for your confidence.

ArmorPlus protection system
The jacket comes equipped with the SHIMA ArmorPlus system, featuring a CE Level 1 protector on the back and a set of Level 2 protectors on the shoulders and elbows. The protectors are made from an open-cell PU material, which – under normal circumstances – works invisibly with the body. Under impact conditions, however, the material instantly hardens, absorbing most of the force working to keep your body safe.

Foam padded panels
The forearm and shoulder areas feature soft foam padding to improve protection. Situated in all the right places, the protective panels both look great and offer great protection.


Width Adjustments
The width adjustments system ensures great protection, while at the same time remaining comfortable and stylish.

Double seam
Our specially designed double seams provide extra ripping protection.

Elastic Panels
Specially-designed accordion-style elastic areas guarantee freedom of movement while the extra fabric inside the panels provide additional protection.

Connecting with pants
The jacket features a snap connecting loop, enabling you to connect it to SHIMA jeans.

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