Cramster Flux

INR 1,849.00

Type: Short cuff | Street Gloves
Material: Leather

Soft, Short, Ultra-Lightweight Gloves with Fully Perforated Knuckle Fused Top. Designed for Maximum Airflow will keep your hands cool AND relaxed in Hot and Humid conditions. Simple and Solid.

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FLUX – Summer Gloves 
Cool Features
  • Full Frontal Perforated Leather Allows Max Air In-Flux Air 
  • Encapsulated Knuckle Protection
  • Full Genuine Leather Construction
  • Double Leather @ All Impact Areas
  • Grip Button Pull up for Effortless wearing
  • Leather Strap Closure

* Sizing information is provided for reference only. It may vary from person to person
** These gloves are Not Waterproof

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