SHIMA Racing VRS2 White Sports Gloves

INR 13,499.00

Type: Full Gauntlet | Racing Gloves
Material: Leather

The Shima VRS-2 is state-of-the-art kangaroo leather and goat-skin leather making it the most comfortable & race track oriented glove.

  • TPU Knuckle Protector paired with TPU support element
  • TPU cuff with metal reinforcement
  • Bridged fingers
  • Hardshell finger sliders
  • ArmorPlus absorbers
  • SuperFabric Panels
  • V-Lock Fastening
  • SAP sliders
  • Duralid para-aramide layer inside the glove.
  • Elastic panels on fingers
  • External seams on fingers
  • Double velcro cuff

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The VRS-2 is a pure super-sport glove that gives you both: maximum protection and comfort. The fingers are equipped with TPU sliders and a bridge connection for pinky finger to reduce the risk of injury. Fingers work smoothly thanks to the elastic inserts. The main knuckle protector made of TPU is additionally lined with yellow ArmorPlus foam absorbing the impact. Below that there is a rigid support element for the main protector and a V-lock™ wrist buckle which provides a higher level of safety and comfort. TPU cuff element reinforced with a metal insert provides an excellent abrasion protection. Two-point velcro fastening is used for perfect fit and security. The rigid SAP® Shima Advanced Protection slider with SuperFabric® panel placed in the wrist area reduce the risk of injury. They are additionally padded with ArmorPlus foam. The palm is made of kangaroo leather with fingers stitched externally, featuring additional reinforcement panel made with digital leather. The side of palm is reinforced with an extra layer of leather with SuperFabric® + ArmorPlus sliders. The lining is made of Duralid™ fabric composed of non-flammable para-aramide fibers to provide additional protection against abrasion.

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