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CRAMSTER Saddle Bag – Stallion Black

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For: Straight Exhaust Bikes
Capacity: 22.5 L x 2

Cramster’s Flagship and First Product made for the Royal Enfield Bullet Fits almost all bikes with Straight Exhaust. Designed for easy mount and unmount on the go. Used and abused by Thousands of Tourers all over the world.

  • This kind of saddlebags are also called Throwovers.
  • Not meant for permanent fitment.

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Touring Saddlebags For Bikes with Straight Exhaust

Shape: Cuboidal (3D – Rectangular)
Fabric: 600 Denier Polyester+Nylon Lining
Mount Style: Pillion Mount

  • 45~ Litres (14″x12″x8″ Symmetric Sides) “inches”
  • Plus Additional space for 2x 1500ml + 1x 1000ml Water Bottles
  • Plus Pockets for quick access tools
  • Plus provision to carry Tripods,Tents and Sleeping bags externally
  • Most Motorcycles** with Straight Exhaust.
  • Royal Enfield Bullet | Electra | Thunderbird | Classic – Straight Exhaust
    Avenger | Splendour | RX 
Use with caution (own risk) on the following
because of low exhaust clearance:
  • Royal Enfield Classic Series with Upswept Exhaust
  • Harley Davidson Iron 883/Super Low
  • Yezdi/Jawa/RD350
  1. Actual Product may slightly vary from the picture.
  2. Rear Seat/Carrier is a must for using any of our Saddlebags.
  3. All Luggage products when used on bike will affect the Gloss/Paint.

Usage and Care

Following these instructions will surely help you increase the life of the product by a couple of years atleast. So, please spend a few minutes to understand the basic usage.

  • Load both sides with equal weight to prevent balance problems.
  • Pack neatly avoiding bulges in the bags. Keep the hard pads (provided) in the base before packing.
  • Keep the bags closed while riding.
  • Make sure any sharp part of the bike (eg Foot Pedal) isn’t constantly poking the saddlebags.
  • Make sure any loose straps are not touching any moving parts.
  • Don’t leave the bags in heavy rain for a long time (more than a hour or so).
  • Don’t use it on any bike which is not suitable. Don’t use Stallion Model on bikes with raised exhausts.
  • Don’t mount them on the MudGuard (Solo Seat Riders).
  • Wet Scrub to clean, don’t dip in water and don’t use washing machine.

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